I use a number of travel resources for accommodations, flights, rideshares, navigating public transportation, and even safety. The following is a mix of websites and apps that can enhance your travel experience and save you money.



Booking.com is my go-to for hostels and hotels. Their site allows you to sort based on price, location, best for solo travelers, couples, etc. 

They have a three-level Genius rewards program that allows you to unlock up 10, 15, even 20% off the price of your stay. You can also get perks like free breakfast, and even free room upgrades!

By the way, I am a Booking.com affiliate. You can click the button below to use my referral code to book your next trip. Full disclosure, I do earn a small commission from everyone who uses my code to book a stay on Booking.com.

Travel Planning

Atlas Obscura

One of my favorite websites, period. Atlas Obscura is like an online encyclopedia for travel destinations that are, shall we say, a little out of the way. They also sell awesome hardcover volumes that catalog all the hundreds of secret destinations around the world. 


Rome2Rio is cool because it allows you to plan out the best way to get from Point A to Point B using all manner of options. Don’t want to fly? Rome2Rio can show you which bus routes you can link up to get you where you’re going.



Think of inDrive like Uber or Lyft but for the rest of the world. I recently used the inDrive app on my trip to Peru that ended up saying me $17 on a ride to the airport. 

inDrive app / Image courtesy of www.lavoz.com.ar
inDrive app / Image courtesy of www.lavoz.com.ar



Skyscanner is an aggregator that finds you the best deals on flights across a wide spectrum of airlines. The beauty of Skyscanner is you can browse countries by flight ticket price, if you just want to go somewhere and don’t care where. You can also find the best flights between countries, or (my personal favorite) select an entire month to see the least expensive dates.

Please be aware though that the system is not always perfect, and that you might occasionally come across prices that vary by a couple dollars from one screen to another. Also, if you’re looking at flights from budget airlines like, for example, Spirit, checked and carry-on luggage is always going to add $35-40 to the basic ticket price you see.


FLIO is the perfect app for the nervous flier! This handy app gives you not only the most up-to-date arrival and departure times, but it also shows you detailed maps of the airport, as well as the closest shuttle and tram connections.

Travel Gear


Recreational Equipment, Inc. has been around over 80 years and is one of the most-trusted suppliers of travel and outdoor gear. My daypack and travel towel all come from REI, and have never let me down. While their prices match the high quality of their equipment, you can always find deals through their Co-Op. REI is also the perfect place to have an associate help size you for a backpack.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads

While many budget travelers have gotten along perfectly fine without travel insurance, there are many instances in which you might want to seriously consider it. To that end, I hear World Nomads brought up literally all the time. They have been operating for many years and are the gold standard for insurance while abroad in the travel community. Their plans can cover you in the unfortunate event of a hospitalization overseas and help cover the cost of prescribed medications.